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US-2012058182-A9: Method and composition for administering an nmda receptor antagonist to a subject patent, US-2012063665-A1: Method and apparatus for quantitative imaging of blood perfusion in living tissue patent, US-2012079768-A1: Catalyst for reforming tar used in the steam gasification of biomass patent, US-2012093865-A2: Compositions comprising reduced genome bacteria for use in treatment of sepsis patent, US-2012142154-A1: Production method for semiconductor device patent, US-2012160085-A1: Method and apparatus for the mitigation of explosively formed projectiles patent, US-2012160377-A1: Method and device for producing a microalloyed steel, in particular a pipe steel patent, US-2012180220-A1: Pillow for Facilitating the Lateral Sniff Position for Improved Airway Management patent, US-2012227423-A1: Networked freezer stocking management patent, US-2012227721-A1: Foldable Compact Ball Thrower patent, US-2012246117-A1: Synchronizing file partitions utilizing a server storage model patent, US-2012261327-A1: Expanding colander patent, US-2012267723-A1: Semiconductor device with buried bit lines and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2012277425-A1: Tetrahydropteridines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases patent, US-2012859-A: Indexing device for dividing heads patent, US-2013017599-A1: Method of diminishing the symptoms of neurodegenerative disease patent, GB-191004811-A: Improvements in and relating to the Control of Electrically Operated Switches. patent, US-2013053297-A1: Poly quaternary functionalized alkyl polyglucosides for enhanced food soil removal patent, US-2013053837-A1: System and Method for Docking a Cornea with a Patient Interface Using Suction patent, US-2013068250-A1: Whisk wiper patent, US-2013074937-A1: Medical Gas Switchover Manifold patent, US-2013079383-A1: Lipid Compounds Targeting VLA-4 patent, US-2013096107-A1: Use of aminodihydrothiazines for the treatment or prevention of diabetes patent, US-2013096147-A1: Raltegravir Salts and Crystalline Forms Thereof patent, US-2013149464-A1: Method of manufacturing circuit board patent, US-2013150688-A1: Intrajugular catheter and method patent, US-2013156947-A1: Track Spin Wafer Chuck patent, US-2013165598-A1: Liquid Crystal Photoalignment Agent, Liquid Crystal Photoalignment Film Using the Same, and Liquid Crystal Display Device Including the Liquid Crystal Photoalignment Film patent, US-2013186743-A1: Magnetron sputtering apparatus and film forming method patent, US-2013200608-A1: Multi-Use Pipe Cuff patent, US-2013209456-A1: Subtypes of humanized antibody against interleukin-6 receptor patent, US-2013273438-A1: Method for producing nonaqueous-electrolyte battery and nonaqueous-electrolyte battery patent, US-2013274334-A1: Sulfoperoxycarboxylic acids, their preparation and methods of use as bleaching and antimicrobial agents patent, US-2013286299-A1: Television receiver and electronic device patent, US-2013310564-A1: Processes and Intermediates for Preparing Fused Heterocyclic Kinase Inhibitors patent, US-2013317273-A1: Process for non-oxidative dehydrogenation of alkane patent, US-2013323517-A1: Intermediate film for laminated glasses, and laminated glass patent, US-2013330483-A1: Torah crown patent, US-2013333721-A1: Nanopore device wetting patent, US-2014008718-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014014000-A1: System and method for manufacturing asphalt products with recycled asphalt shingles patent, US-2014024185-A1: Self-aligned process to fabricate a memory cell array with a surrounding-gate access transistor patent, US-2014027474-A1: Sleeve For The Sealed Fastening Of A Dispensing Member In The Neck Of A Bottle For The Conditioning Of A Liquid Product To Be Dispensed patent, US-2014060701-A1: Multi-axis controlled self-climbing tree trimmer patent, US-2014081023-A1: PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF 2-AMINO-5,8-DIMETHOXY[1,2,4]TRIAZOLO[1,5-c]PYRIMIDINE FROM 4-CHLORO-2,5-DIMETHOXYPYRIMIDINE patent, US-2014099433-A1: Basket jig for electroless plating apparatus and electroless plating method patent, US-2014102819-A1: Side-by-side vehicle patent, US-2014109968-A1: Photoelectric conversion element, method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion element, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2014114032-A1: Method for producing olefin polymer patent, US-2014119213-A1: Methods, systems, and computer readable media for automatically decoding uplink data patent, US-2014121529-A1: Finger clip for prostate glove patent, US-2014135401-A1: Arachidonic acid analogs and methods for analgesic treatment using same patent, US-2014151627-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014151643-A1: Self-aligned double-gate graphene transistor patent, US-2014153264-A1: Aquarium lamp bracket assembly patent, US-2014231147-A1: Apparatus and system to drill a bore using a laser patent, US-2014265676-A1: Two-shaft compound motor patent, US-2014275035-A1: Thienylindole azepines as serotonin 5-ht2c receptor ligands and uses thereof patent, US-2014284383-A1: Multi-chip card patent, US-2014290531-A1: Methods of Designing Aggregates Optimized for Specified Properties patent, US-2014295043-A1: Method and device for producing waffle sandwich blocks patent, US-2014295484-A1: Molecular flux rates through critical pathways measured by stable isotope labeling in vivo, as biomarkers of drug action and disease activity patent, US-2014302341-A1: Hot press molding method, article molded by hot press molding, and mold for hot pressing patent, US-2014308198-A1: Procedure for the preparation of sulphur-based articles of manufacture patent, US-2014322792-A1: Cytochrome p450 oxygenases patent, US-2014337214-A1: Method and apparatus for money transfer patent, US-2014345449-A1: Variable displacement devices and related methods patent, US-2014357785-A1: Composition for coating a substrate and method for coating a substrate patent, US-2014367239-A1: Capacitive keypad position sensor with low cross-interference patent, US-2014277-A: Beam locking mechanism patent, US-2015041774-A1: Organic light emitting diode display patent, US-2015045574-A1: Methods for making valerenic acid derivatives and their use patent, US-2015049385-A1: Photographic lens and photographic apparatus using the same patent, US-2010092963-A1: Kits and methods for selective amplification and detection of nucleic acid target patent, US-2010182045-A1: Low-jitter high-frequency clock channel patent, US-2010189771-A1: Fixed ratio drug combination treatments for solid tumors patent, US-2010203672-A1: Methods of manufacturing phase change memory devices patent, US-2010303780-A1: Compositions for treating an intestinal inflammatory condition patent, US-2010309104-A1: Presentation assembly and asynchronous presentation method thereof patent, US-2011081856-A1: Methods and Arrangements for Frequency Selective Repetition patent, US-2011102679-A1: Selectively Applying Spotlight and Other Effects Using Video Layering patent, US-2011126609-A1: Method and apparatus for analysis of poly (biphenyl chloride) in electrical insulating oil patent, US-2011151364-A1: Electrophotographic photoreceptor, image forming method and image forming apparatus patent, US-2011178824-A1: Management system and method patent, US-2011258503-A1: Fully X-tolerant, Very High Scan Compression Scan Test Systems And Techniques patent, US-2011271672-A1: Compressed-Air-Assisted Turbocharger System for Internal Combustion Engine patent, US-2011289761-A1: Force-Transmitting Element, Sliding Sleeve, Arrangement and Method for Producing a Non-Detachable Workpiece Connection patent, US-2012002338-A1: Safety arrangement for a motor vehicle patent, US-2012079082-A1: User Data Convergence Network System and Method for Subscription to Notification patent, US-2012081828-A1: Terminal block having integral disconnect patent, US-2012150459-A1: Testing device, test system including the same, and method thereof patent, US-2012176476-A1: 3d time-of-flight camera and method patent, US-2012178745-A1: Novel Crystalline Oxazine Derivative patent, US-2012193265-A1: Container for smokeless tobacco products patent, US-2012206295-A1: Method and Device for Receiving GNSS Location Information on a Mobile Computing Device Through an Ad-Hoc Network patent, US-2012224621-A1: Equalizing receiver patent, US-2012232304-A1: Process for producing optically active bicyclo [3.1.0] hexane derivative using enzyme patent, US-2012250773-A1: Combined reference picture list construction and mapping patent, US-2012256358-A1: Blown film extrusion plant patent, US-2012283779-A1: Dynamic stabilization device for bones or vertebrae patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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